Functional Medicine


Through the Functional Medicine model, we are creating a treatment that is focused on getting to and treating the root cause of your problem. Being healthy and feeling good is not accomplished by simply treating the symptoms.

To get to the root cause of your problem we take a history, perform an examination that includes evaluating the neurological function, eyes, ears, nose, throat, and abdomen. We will discuss in detail your history. We will look at your current medications and any treatment you have tried in the past. When needed we will incorporate blood tests, urinalysis, stool test and or food sensitivity testing.

You may be thinking, I have had all those tests done and the doctors say they can't find anything, or they are already treating all the findings that were not normal, but as a Functional Medicine doctor I will look at not just if your tests fall in the "Normal range", but do your tests fall in the "Optimal range". This is where we frequently start getting to the root cause. The "Optimal range" is quite often a tighter range than conventional medicine accepts as normal. It is a fact that conventional lab ranges are set such that 95% of "Healthy" people fall in the ranges.

So, what happens if you are one of the 5% that does not fall in the "Healthy" normal range? The answer is, your problem is not diagnosed and you go without help.

Worse yet, is that a large percentage of the people included in the 95% are in fact, overweight, do not exercise and have a terrible diet, so a significant portion of the "Normal" range includes people who are actuality not "Healthy".

We will design a plan that will incorporate dietary changes and supplementation to bring you into the "Optimal ranges". We may incorporate some supplementation to treat your symptoms, but that is only done to make you comfortable until we can actually get the body to heal.



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