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Inflammation Good or Bad?
  • Inflamation is not necessarily a bad thing
  • Inflamation is a protective reponse elicited by injury of tissues.
  • Inflamation is the body trying to repair the injured tissues.
  • When tissues are injured the body sends white blood cells to the site of injury.
  • These white blood cells work like "Pac Man" and eat the damaged tissues, so new tissue can grow and repair the site of injury.
  • The white blood cells ability to work like "Pac Man" depends on an enzyme reaction.
  • Proteolytic enzymes are what make the white blood cell able to eat the dead tissue, thus cleaning up the site of injury.
Why is it PAINFUL?
  • Answer: Pain at the site of injury gets worse if white blood cells rush to the site of injury but can't clean up enough of the damaged tissue. This causes swelling from the accumulation of fluid at the site of injury.
What do NSAIDs (non-steroidal antiinflamatories) do: Ibuprofen, asprin, Alleve, Celebrex, Meloxicam, etc?
  • Answer: They reduce the accumulation of fluid at the site of injury by shutting down the enzyme reaction that allows the white blood cells to work like "Pac Man".

The result is decreased swelling, but increased accumulation of damaged tissue at the site of injury and the inhibition of new tissue to grow to repair the damaged site.

Further reason to avoid NSAIDs: They interfere with the enzyme reaction that creates the mucous lining that protects your G.I. tract from stomach acid. Thus they lead to ulcers and poor digestion. ENZYMES MAY ALLOW YOU NOT TO NEED NSAIDS

So, what is a better way to reduce swelling and pain?
  • Answer: Properly P.H. balanced proteolytic enzymes.

- P.H. balanced proteolytic enzymes help the white blood cells do their "Pac Man" job much more efficiently.

-Think of it like this: your white blood cells show up at the site of injury with the proteolytic enzymes provided by the body.

Because your body also has to share proteolytic enzymes to digest the enzyme deficient food you eat, when they arrive at the injury site they can each eat 1/2 of a big Mac worth of damaged tissue.

By adding properly P.H. balanced proteolytic enzymes to your diet, your white blood cells become more efficient. Now when they arrive at the site of injury they can each eat 2 Big Macs worth of damaged tissue.

- Now the body is more efficiently healing itself and actually reducing the pain better than NSAIDs are able.



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